Arm yourself with a To Do list in these trying times!

2020 has brought some new challenges. We are facing a situation that we have never faced before and we are doing a good job of it!

Staying at home means the time to do all the things you have been meaning to, but not had the time to:

Do read books, magazines, articles on the web..

Do catch up on all the shows and movies on your home theater that you missed out on.

Do play board games with your children, trust me, they are fun!

Do try a new skill. My daughter baked cookies for the first time from an online recipe. 

Do spring clean. The season is right and it is not too hot to dust out those dusty shelves!

Do introspect, reflect and allow your children to just find things to do by themselves in the house.

Do the little things that give you pleasure, a cup of coffee with a nice book, music to dance to, starting a craft project, enjoying ice creams with your kids.

Do feel blessed and say a prayer for those around you :)

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